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026005:2.2x3.7In Laminating Pouch Film 100Sheets/Pack

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2.2x3.7 Laminating Pouch Film

This product is widely applied to ID cards, Driving Licenses, licenses, passes, Business Cards, Menus & Recopies, photos, Luggage Tags, Post Cards, Keepsakes, Bookmarks, Visiting Cards, etc. It has many advantages, such waterproof, protect alter, protect destructive insect, bear rotten, clear and transparency, well-pressed, beautiful and so no, it also easy to washing.

Pouch film is made from a high plastic component that produces a firm, high gloss result and also lowers the risk of pouch jamming, used to laminate all kinds of stuff, protecting the precious staff, enhancing the appearance as well.


Size: 2-1/4"x3-3/4" (57mmx95mm)

standard business card size

Thickness: 5 mil ( metric 125 microns ) in each flap for a total of 10 mils added to your paper
Net Weight: 1.98Lb(0.9kg)/pack


1) For card protection and enhancement

2) Easy to cut for laminating smaller size prints

3) Use in any heated pouch laminator

Used to laminate all kinds of precious stuff

Made from a high plastic component


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