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153057:110v Shoe Shine Machine
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Shoe Shine Machine

The polisher utilizes are infrared sensor and an electronic control system to start and stop automatically.With full steel shell and carefully selected motor and brushes,the polisher is durable and of fine quality.
Using Method
As for the HW models,simply putting your shoes under the brush would trigger the infr-ared switch and start the motor automatically.Move your shoes freely to get it brushed all over.Use the shoe tip to push the bottom of the cream container and get creamed.The motor would stop running 20-30 seconds.
1、Indoor use only.DO NOT use the device in bathroom or any places near water and avoidlong exposure to intensive sunlight.
2、Daily cleaning and polishing for shoe leather only.
3、Adult use only.Never leave the unit running unattended.
4、It’s dangerous to put your hands under the brush while running.
5、Keep hairs,woole and electrical wires away from the polisher.Entangled stuffs may cause malfunction of the motor.


Possible Failures

Possible Causes


1 The brush could not start running 1Power failure
2The sensor is contaminated
3 Blockage between sensors
1Check power supply
2Wipe the sensor
3Remove the blockage
2 The brush could not stopping 1The sensor is contaminated
2 Blockage between sensors
3Sensor failure
1 Wipe the sensor
2 Remove the blockage
3Replace the sensor
3 The cream could not be squeezed out 1Jamed cream outlet
2The cream is too thick
3Low pressure inside the cream tank
1Clean the cream outlet
2Use appropriate cream
3Unplug the seven-hole-stopper at the tank bottom

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