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Food Machine> Cutting Tool> QSJ-T Small Commercial Stainless Steel Meet Slicer w/ Double Moto >
160544:QSJ-T,10mm,550W*2,110V Meat Slicer w/ Double Motor

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QSJ-T Shredded Meat Cutting Machine 10mm 110V with Double Motor


Small table meat cutting machine, double-layer knives, disposable meat cut, two times granulation (the lower cutting tool can cut meat slice), suitable for smaller catering or meat processing enterprises, especially suitable for schools, small canteens, supermarkets.


The cutter adopts external cantilever design, easy to wash, health more secure; if the processing of different thickness of the meat, shredded meat, meat, only need to change the corresponding tool can be achieved, the use of a machine. The safety protection switch is installed in the machine. When the cutter is exposed, the machine can not be locked in self - lock to ensure safety. The blade is made of special stainless steel and durable.


Removable disposable knife group, after each use, only a slight cleaning tool group, and then add the zero degrees Celsius freezer preservation, directly installed on the machine can be used next time.
Technical parameters:
External dimension 510*510*700mm
The thickness of the cutting 10mm
Length of inlet 90mm
Processing capacity 250kg/h
Rating voltage 110V/60HZ
Protection against ingress of water IPX1
Motor power 550W*2
Revolve speed: 186r/min
Gross weight 74.9kg


Item included(160544):
QSJ-T Shredded Meat Cutting Machine 10mm 110V with Double Motor

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