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160986:110V 0.9 Cu ft Vacuum Drying Oven & Vacuum Pump KIT
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0.9 Cu ft Vacuum Drying Oven & Vacuum Pump


We are Canada  Seller and  have store in Canada . If the items get any problem you can  get warranty by  Canada Company.




This device is used for  drying and  heating processes under vacuum conditions 
at laboratories in enterprises, schools and scientific institutions.


  • Drying temperature can be lowered.  (Low pressure and low temperature).
  • Oxidation of some articles after  heating can be avoided with no damages  done by dust.
  • Elimination of biological cells  caused by heated air can be avoided.
  • Vacuum drying oven is in  desktop style and is composed of 4 parts, namely, the oven housing, chamber (working chamber), vacuuming system and  temp-controlling system.
  • The housing is made of  high-quality thin sheets with a plastic-jet surface, presenting a colorful appearance.
  • The chamber is made of  galvanized  steel board or stainless steel boards. The corners of the chamber  are shaped in semi-circular arcs. Super-fine glass wool is used as  insulation between the housing and chamber. A double-layer-bullet  proof-glass viewing window is equipped, which makes it easy to  observe the items being dried in the oven. Mounted on the inside of  the door is a piece of thick reinforced glass and there's a  long  cylindrical door buckle. Adjust the distance between the buckle and  the thick enforced glass to let door press against the rubber  sealing ring tightly so that no air leakage will occur when  vacuuming the oven. (Attention: The rubber sealing ring  is not oil  resistant!)
  • The vacuuming system is composed  of a vacuuming pump, vacuum gauge and vacuum valve  and deflation valve. According to user's requirements, the drying  (cleaning) filtering tank or air-inlet valves are optional.
  • The temp-controlling system is  composed of a sensor (Pt100 resistance),  a temperature  controller and a heater, etc. After the temperature controller  receives resistance  variation signals from the sensor (100 ohms at0℃, 0.3ohms/℃), the PV  screen displays  the actual temperature measured in the chamber . When the output  signal falls below the  preset value, the bi-directional thyristor is activated, giving  adequate power to the heater to generate heat. On the other hand, when the bi-directional  thyristor transmits no electric power, the heater does not work. The temperature  controller has a PID to  adjust its output features. Its output power is adjustable and the  temperature measuring  errors can be corrected with timing function available. Besides,  there are light alarm and automatic cut-off when the preset safe temperature is exceeded.


Voltage  & Power 110V 50/60Hz single phase, 1000W
Temperature range


Power 1000 watts
Dwelling timer range 1-9999 minutes
Temperature fluctuation


Chamber Size (WxDxH)

12 x 12 x 11"(300×300×275mm)

Vacuum degree


110V Vacuum Pump


Vacuum Pump Specifications

Voltage 110V 60Hz
Flow Rate (cfm) 5 CFM  144L/min
Ultimate  Vacuum 3x10¯¹Pa/25Microns
Power (HP) 1/2
Rotating speed  (r/min) 3500
Oil Capacity 330ml
Size 290*115*220mm
Weight 9kg


Contact Information:

Local  Pick up Information
Warehouse & Showroom:

2220 midland Ave, Unit 39-41AP 
Scarborough ON M1P 3E6 Canada
Tel:     647-350  2889

(Before pickup, please call us to make sure)


Package Included:

1) One 0.9 Cu Ft  Vacuum Drying Oven 110V (160450)
2) One Vacuum Pump 110V (160454)

Item# Description QTY
160450 110V 0.9Cu ft Vacuum Drying Oven 1 set


110V Vacuum Pump

1 set



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