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300068:Ceramic clay plate machine Slab Roller for Clay, Heavy Duty, Portable, Tabletop, Adjustable
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Ceramic clay plate machine Slab Roller for Clay, Heavy Duty, Portable, Tabletop, Adjustable(300068)
Shape suppress slime machine is the ideal machinery for Ceramic craft operators during
the process of pottery making. This machine applies the turning method by manual
mode, do not need any electricity machinery. Its axle sleeve & gears are made by
engineering plastics, so it do not get rusty and it is no need to do the lubrication
(self-lubricating). Frame and panel apply detachable structures, so it is easy to
detach and move. This machine has simple & well-knit structure, beautiful shape and

is flexible to operation.

Handicrafts made of ceramic clay tablets.

1.Can adjust the thickness at will.
2.The machine own he larger shaft diameter that it is more labor-saving and easier to
3.Channel steel is anti-corrosive, moisture-proof and durable..

1.Thickness of Mud plate:     60mm adjustable within the range.

2.Max width of Mud plate:    55cm

3.Package size :95*70*51(37.40*27.56*20.08inch)
4.Weight: about 56.5LB
5.Power type: Manual
6.Application: Suitable for making porcelain plates

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